As another Earth Day comes to an end, we all can look back and reflect on all the irredeemable things we have already done to harm not only our respective countries but the entire world. In remarks made by President Trump Monday he praised our economic and job successes within the United States but made no mention of climate change in his remarks.

You all heard correctly with summer approaching for all Americans it’s easy to get caught up with the NBA playoffs which should feature the Milwaukee Bucks and or the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. But for the thousands upon thousands of NFL fans the 100thseason is just a hop skip and a jump away. 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the latest Democrat to throw their hat in the ring for a hop, skip and a jump towards the White House. Senator Sanders making a bid for the White House no brings the democrat total to11 candidates. Bernie ran against Secretary Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary as well.

Voting has been low amongst all voters since the 1950’s. Even today for mid-term elections and presidential elections less than 50% of Americans vote. This number slightly rose in 2018, but that change can only be attributed to more awareness around the White House. The number is even lower between 10 and 20 percent less amongst African-American voters.

The Patriots won their sixth title championship against the Los Angeles Rams in an epic clash of the two best teams in the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams smashing the competition in the NFC and the New England Patriots winning the AFC title.

Groundhogs Day is one of the most iconic and looked forward too days out of the entire year. Every February 2ndthe United States and Canada look to this animal for guidance and relieve. If the Groundhog burrows up from his sleep and is unable to find its shadow winter will end early and spring will come. The animal unfortunately is usually wrong, but this will mark only the 19thtime out of 124 recordings that he has not seen his shadow. And given the polar vortex the entire country experienced only a few short weeks ago with temperatures reaching extreme record lows some places 60 below zero, this news could not be any better.

Martin Luther King Jr was a brilliant man who cared about the proper treatment and respect for all people. As we all begin to look forward to a day off from work and school this Monday let us remember what it is actually for. It is not just a holiday it is supposed to be a day of service and remembrance. We remember and pay tribute to someone who fought injustice and discrimination with no fear.