My name is Harold Luther Jr. I am a hopeful blogger who for the past seven month have been living in Sydney, Australia. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for those who don’t know. I will attempt to post new content regularly about the difference of America and Australia. Two countries very different but connected by one language  English.

Today I thought it would be cool to start out with what makes Sydney such a wonderful place, but also take into account the comparisons between my own country and this one. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and Australia is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For those of you who don’t know Sydney has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my entire life. However all Sydney Siders seem to pile up on one particular beach called Bondi Beach. When there are so many more hundreds of beaches throughout the country. For example if you ever were to take a ferry across the Harbour you would see a beach called Manly. This is my favourite beach by far in Sydney. It’s beautiful, every time I have been there throughout the course of the summer here the water has been so clear and beautiful. As you walk from the ferry station to the water you see so many shops and great and great restaurants. I swear I had the most beautiful chicken schnitzel right there after a refreshing swim in the water.

Now let’s move past the water which is only a given since it is the world’s largest island. Sydney people are overall nice but I found them also to be great at health and person fitness. I swear everywhere I go in Sydney I only see beautiful people. Sydney siders take a massive interest in personal health. Gyms and supplement shops seem to be everywhere on every corner. The typical Sydney person seems to work hard, workout hard, and play hard. To live in Sydney seems to be a relaxing and enriching experience. Compared to America where obesity and overweight rates seem to be rapidly increasing. Don’t get me wrong fast food is all over Sydney but it seems this food is more snack like unlike an everyday full meal. Health is so important here and for a very good reason. Everyone wants to look their best at the beach especially when everywhere you look women and men alike look like models and superstars. I may be a little over dramatic with the situation here but for the most part this is what I see. Now with autumn rapidly approaching I would call this the start over point for everyone to get that beach body back or maintain all the year round.

Now the U.S has this health kick mentality however this is only within the west coast and some of the southern states where the weather tends to be nicer for longer periods of time. With Sydney weather being nice, more than nine months a year you have to keep that health kick moving.

Well anyway I think I’ve said too much in my first blog. Now before I go close your eyes and imagine the sun is hitting your skin on a beautiful clean crisp day by the water. That is life here in Australia. See you guys later.