As summer begins to subside and autumn begins to begin you start to feel a little uneasy. After a fairly long summer the end of the aussie summer begins the day after the Mardi Gras festival and party. Now with summer ending I find some people tending to have a lot of anxiety and anger. I myself have experienced this. Last weekend I had the time of my life and now everything feels like it changed. The weather is still fairly beautiful but cooler. The university students start school back up and those on vacation kiss traveling goodbye and say hello to more and more work. I don’t mean to upset anyone, but this is the impression I get from people starting a couple days ago.

Now as for me yes I am sad because I am still a university student, but I tend to like winter. Since I am from an extremely colder climate in the United States I have no complaints about any of the weather in Sydney anytime of the year. When I landed here on July 24th it was the middle of winter and yet you could still go to the beach if you wanted too. My idea of beach is the beautiful Lake Michigan. Yeah saying it out loud makes me feel even sadder about it. Since this body of water is covered in ice half the year. Probably more since Wisconsin weather is just as unpredictable as that of Melbourne. So when I hear aussies complain about the weather it goes in one ear and out the other, however I do understand the sadness in the ending of summer. I like to think weather here is great all the time. The people are friendly and the overall feeling is in the right direction but since summer has officially ended attitudes tend to get a little less happy, but bear in mind weather is relatively the same in terms of beauty and warmth up until about April.

As I head into my last semester at university here I only think of the amazing experiences I had in summer and the many more yet to come for the fall including Anzac Day, Sydney fashion week, and the beautiful start to the one of the world’s best seasons which is winter. For those of you in America you just flip this article upside down and place it to your ideas of what I refer to as winter blues and summer happiness. That’s all I have for this week, I know not a lot, but relevant to how the world and people change attitudes, behavior, and overall working habits to fit in with not only weather changes, but also that time of year.