Okay, okay yes I didn’t do a blog entry last week! If you must know what happened I partied. Now let me explain to you that Easter was last weekend and I seemed to have been partying instead of blogging. However to be honest I know it’s not a great excuse, but I did indeed have a great time. Now how is Easter a big party holiday you may ask?

Well everyone has a full four day weekend for Easter here in Australia. Good Friday everything shuts and it is a public holiday. Then Aussie workers also get the Monday after Easter Sunday off as well. When I realized it I couldn’t believe it, not only is there a break for Good Friday there also is one on the Monday after for no particular reason. So I will say this, I find Australians use any excuse to party and have a good time, and days off seem to be easy to come by here in Sydney. Which means why should anyone complain.

So I did what any foreigner would do in a new country. I immersed myself in the celebration. Parties at club, bars, and pubs were in full swing Thursday. Friday during the day till about 10pm, Saturday, and then lastly Sunday, since no one has to work on Monday. Everyday seemed to be perfect for dancing, drinking, and fun. I still don’t see how Easter, a specific holy holiday in most cases is used in a sense of parties in Australia however I liked it. Not only did I like it but I was able to attend some of the best parties I have ever been to in Sydney thus far.

So there you have it readers. That is why I have been a bit slow in responding through my blog however I am back in full swing starting today. I plan to keep posting as time goes on. I hope you all had a great Easter, because I know I sure did. I shall see you all later with one of the funniest stories I have yet to tell. Hope you guys aren’t too jealous since I had a four day weekend unlike in America, and various other countries all around.