Okay I am someone who likes to party and go out. This attitude is not unlike that of Americans and Australians, even the ones who don’t want to admit this. Now why am I bringing this up? Well when all of us travel to a new place we tend to look into the night life in that particular city, Nightclubs, bars, pubs, Etc. Having said that I feel Sydney has some amazing places to go out and enjoy. I enjoy Kings Cross Hotel, Coogee Bay Hotel, and lastly the biggest nightclub in Sydney called The Ivy. I enjoy these places and when I first arrived here I could walk into each of these places at any time before 5am.

Now because of a lockout rule set forth by the state government you may not enter any establishment which serves alcohol after 1:30am. Now for someone like me coming from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Our bars close at 2am. So I am used to being home snuggled in bed by 2:30am at the latest. Since living here I have found getting home after 4am a time here or there is quite normal. Since bars and pubs continue to serve up until 5am. I like this aspect because I have more freedom to party as opposed to getting kicked out at 2am.

The lockout on the other hand has completely changed the mindset of those who want to go out for a drink and enjoy themselves. Less and less Australians as well as foreigners go clubbing or out for a drink any night of the week. It’s been confirmed by several bars and clubs in the Sydney that less people frequent them because of the new lockout rule. This alone has caused nightlife to become boring and less appealing, even for someone like me who still enjoys Sydney. It also has limited restaurant business, which means everyone seems to be suffering from this government overhaul.

Now I understand why this rule exists. It has been put into law by the New South Wales authorities in order to cut down on violence and abuse among intoxicated patrons of various bars and clubs. If this is what the authorities in Sydney wanted to achieve they have done so, however this is not a win because of the very fact that there are less people in each of these areas. So of course there will be less violence based solely on the fact that there are less people. I find this to be no win at all. The lockout should be banned and any patron should be allowed to enter a bar or club after 1:30am. There should be a harder crack down on violence among those who become too intoxicated. Creating a lockout just convinces less and less people to go out which hasn’t solved the fundamental problem, which is abuse and violence among individuals.

There is a way to handle the individuals who want to cause trouble, fights, and also the ones who can’t handle their liquor. However locking the doors at a certain time causes bar owners to lose profit, which causes less ability for job promotion and growth etc. The lockout is not the way to cut down on crime and violence in Sydney. It is only a punishment for everyone because of the actions of just a few people.

Even I, as a journalist from Milwaukee, who is used to going home around 1:30am find the lockout law to be entirely unfair. I did find the late aspect of clubbing to be strange but since I have lived here for over 10 months I understand it and it needs to be fixed. Hopefully the lockout will be changed but until then I find it pointless. As a foreigner I see that no one wants to go out anymore which leaves less and less opportunity for me to make connections, friends, and relationships. This attitude is transferred to any traveler coming to Sydney.