Okay, I am going to ask you all the age old question which Aussies and Americans have to ask themselves and each other. What exactly is Australian cuisine? I mean sure you could say Kangaroo, Emu, or even the good old fashioned barbecue which all Aussies love is traditional Australian cuisine. But does it make it the typical Australian dish? Ever since I got here I see foods from all over the world, however I will say that a good majority of the food I see is that of Asian Cuisines. Such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and various others all around Australia.

Since I see most of these foods, does that make it the typical Australian dish or could we just say that Australia is a country with many cuisines that make up the identity and culture of food. One might argue that there is no such thing as the typical Australian dish because of the basic fact that Australians, who I have talked to still have no idea what they would consider to be the classic Australia dish.

We see all these foods but what makes one stand out among all the rest? I guess there really is no right or wrong answer. Which sucks because I would like to know. Like I said before though, Kangaroo’s and Emu’s are a vital source of food here. With the vast amounts of Kangaroo here it makes for a simple and good source of food. It also is one of the healthiest meats in the world because of its unique no fat and lean cut characteristics. Quick side note so you all know! Australia is one of the only countries who eat an animal which is also located on the countries coat of arms. Pretty cool I would have to say.

Back to the task at hand though, we still have not found out what Australian food exactly is. So we have traditional Asian cuisines all around Australia, we have kangaroo with Emu, and lastly we have the all traditional Aussie barbecue. Which can include all different cuts and delicious meats. I still though have no idea though what the phrase “Traditional Australian cuisine” means. I thought I would know after my interviews with some Aussies, and after I finished this post, but I still don’t.
So today I guess the idea of the iconic Australian dish is left up to the imagination. I still seem to not know. So hopefully you all could help me out. Let me know what you think the traditional Australian Dish is and I’ll put all of your answers up on my blog. Talk to all of you later.