Okay my lovely audience who are all probably gone! I took a bit of hiatus from my blog however I’m back. This post is way late of course, however I want to see if the rest of world thinks like me or not. Plus I really like Halloween!

Awe yes the fun and yet sometimes dreaded holiday of Halloween. I’m not going to lie though I love Halloween very much. Oh yeah I am a complete sucker for Halloween. I know a lot of people say it’s only a day for stores to make money and yes that may be true. But who in their right doesn’t like candy or lollies for my Aussie readers. It’s the one night a year you can dress up as anything you want and no one can say a word. Plus you can eat a lot of sweets, sounds like my kind of day. Now in terms of Australians, they seem to not understand these concepts.

Now Americans seem to love the allure of costumes of all forms to enhance life. The trick or treating aspect, the tons of candy I would eat every year, and the scary movies I would watch with my friends year after year. Halloween is for sure an American favorite.

Experiencing it this year in Australia was very eye opening I have to say. Australian culture calls for fun on Halloween, but never at the same level as American culture. However they still know how to have a good time. They’re more scary costumes here which means Australians understand the concept of Halloween better that us Americans, however I see it as a way to dress up as anything your mind can dream up, not just the scary things. Their is something quite special about being able to wear whatever silly, goofy, or sexy outfit you want.

All in all I had a good Halloween over here in the Down Under. I miss America every day because of things like Halloween, however Australia showed me a different experience which in my honest opinion reflects what Halloween is really about, which is scary and mysterious things.