Yes the Gold Coast is a fantastic tourist and vacation hot spot. An array of bars, beaches, restaurants, and lot of fantastic shopping. I took a trip their after my graduation to celebrate and I have to say it was a lot of fun.

Nothing like a good trip after you get you Masters Degree. However like everything the Gold Coast has a downside. In Australia they have a term called Yabbo. I grabbed a t-shirt in the Gold Coast that spelled out this exact word. Now for my American readers who don’t what it means, the best way to explain it would be drunk and trashy behavior. Simple behavior also would be an accurate description I believe.

Now it wasn’t all of this behavior while I was there for a weekend. However once the sun went down all you could see were bar fights, drunk 18 year olds, and a lot of alcohol either on the street as trash, or in the hands of a group of people heading out. On the other hand there was amazing surf, beach accommodation, and weather. I still couldn’t believe how many people were just getting drunk with the police on almost every corner though. It was incredibly astounding.
I like to party but the Gold Coast I have to say took it to a whole other level. I had never seen that level before. It was just like Vegas but without the gambling. That weekend I have to say was completely crazy, and full of cheap shopping and booze. I literally saw a bar fight break out right in front of me. I was literally no more than 5 feet away from the fight went it happened in some nightclub.

Now I’m not saying that it’s all trash or that I didn’t have a good time. Oh no not at all, the trip was awesome, just a complete shock to what I’m typically used to back home in good ole Milwaukee. The Gold Coast is something every Aussie does when their young. It’s almost like a rite of passage. Now back home I would say Vegas is typically a rite of passage, but you know we don’t do that till we’re much older. Mainly because we can’t drink until we’re 21 years old. Which now I think is completely idiotic. 18 years of age I believe is a perfectly reasonable drinking age. Even with my trip to the Gold Coast and everything I saw I still stand behind that statement, now that’s saying something!

What I can say I took from my trip was a party land of beautiful people, drinks by the ocean, and memories I will keep forever. My one piece of advice to anyone traveling there in the near future is this, Always party responsibly. I know it’s corny but good and effective advice. Because anything can happen in the Gold Coast, just like anything can happen in Vegas. That’s the best comparison I have for these two very different scenes.