We all have heard the stories about video games and how they can be good or bad to any given extent. We all have heard they can insight violence, and cause bad behavior between young people. There has lastly been claims that video games can create terrorist behavior. Well I am here to tell all of you that this is not true.

As someone who grew up playing everything from Super Nintendo to the great machine known asthe Xbox 360, I know first-hand that these machines are not bad. And yes now that everyone is aware, I am a 360 nut. Don’t get me wrong I like Sony Playstation as well, however the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are both much better than Playstation 3 and 4. And I feel like I just lost half my readers for saying this. Now back to the topic at hand, are video games truly bad or good for us? I believe most of you already know what my answer is. More and more of what we do in our everyday lives include interactive and faster reflex motions. Younger people today can do so many things faster and quicker than most people even as early as 10 years ago could do. They create a safe and interactive environment for youth to not just stimulate their minds but create well-rounded individuals for the future. Youth today can not only do faster and faster things, but they are creating very innovative and creative people. So why is it that some say regardless of these benefits to video games they are still bad for society?

Well whatever the reason I completely disagree. First we know video games can improve cognitive functions, but it can also develop, underdeveloped minds. Some Experts have even said it can cure blindness or other sight and hearing disabilities. Not only that they can create more creative and affective leaders for the future. It allows youth to have a sense of wonder and imagination. It allows for individuals to escape the tough and harsh reality of life and become versions of themselves. Versions which can conquer levels and solve puzzles.

Now please don’t misinterpret this post, those of you who are new readers. Take what I’m saying and analyze it. We all need outdoor activity and exercise. I am a firm believer in fresh air and exercise outside of the home. However, parents never again buy into the idea that video games are taking away your child’s intelligence or skill. Video games can be good in moderation.

Think about those games you can play that help with mathematical and English. Games can be fun and educational. It all depends on how you use them. Whether you use them for educational reasons, or if you use them for entertainment purposes they can be good for brain development and ultimately are not destroying youth. Video games also do not insight violence as many people like to say.

The idea that video games create violent and terrible adults and or violent criminal is also not true. People are going to commit violent crimes regardless of video games, television, or even movies. If we are going to shame and band video games, then we need to ban everything that could even remotely be violent. Meaning movies, television, news network, phones, laptops, cars, need I go on? We all need to stop placing blame on these things for bad individual behavior, and just analyze each incident and individual. If we analyze each violent incident then we can place some kind of restriction somewhere, but until then please stop saying video games are bad! They are insightful, interactive, and I hope you all will look into this and agree with. Talk to you all next Monday!