Why is cable television bad here? Oh Australia I don’t want to be rude, but get with it and fix the television problem here. Foxtel is great for all that it does and provides. However why do Aussies have to pay so much for it? This blog post is about shedding light on how hard working Australian families get ripped off left and right if they choose to have cable in the house.

This post is pretty dark I know, but trust me once I share these numbers with you all of you will be screaming for change. And for my American readers well just sit back and enjoy the fact that you have cheap TV.

First of all there is no unique competition. The only adequate cable network is Foxtel. Since there is no competition Foxtel providers can charge any price they like. When comparing Foxtel cable provider to the hundreds in America it’s no wonder prices continually drop at astronomical rates. More channels, more option, and better quality with HD and premium channels with little to no commercial interruptions. Why Australia, why do you choose to put up with only one cable provider here. Oh wait sorry I mean two, but even still the product is the same just a rip off. Yes I am talking about Optus. Let me lay this in numbered terms. In America I paid $75 a month for high speed internet and over 1000 channels, and half of those channels are high-definition. I also get every premium channel, but obviously the only one that matters is HBO. Everyone in the world loves Game of thrones, no one can deny that. However here in Australia I would pay over $100 for about a quarter of this package, and HBO is not included. Sad when you think about in terms of overall money that is spent to the cable providers here.

Secondly there is a complete difference to the number of channels provided for both American and Australian cable television. Why is it that Aussies receive up to 100 channels on cable television, but pay more that Americans who receive over 1000 channels? And in some cases up to 3000 channels from various cable providers all across the United States. 1000 channels! now that is what service should be. Not, $100 for 100 channels, but $70 for 1000. On top of that Aussies pay another $15 just for the channels to be in HD. This is a lot of numbers to comprehend, and hey I know, I know I am going on a bit but, I have one more thing to add before I leave you too get angry Aussies.

Why is the service not helpful and supportive when it comes to landlines and internet? If I move from my apartment to a new one I notify my cable providers and the day I set foot in my new apartment my cable, internet, and phone line should all be working. I have given advance notice and I expect that since I have paid the bill and notified my internet provider. In America this would always be acceptable and done, and if it is not and there is a delay then something would be discounted. Here in Australia you pay a fine for the move and again for the installment. What kind of service is that? Providers here have no shame because they know customers can’t leave even if they wanted to because there are only two providers of cable in all of regional Australia. When I think about it, it makes me sad. Customer service is lacking within the cable networks all throughout Australia and that’s that. It should be better and sorry to say Aussies you are all being ripped off blind. I love cable television in all forms, but delivered  in the right way.