So everybody I was going to talk about Vivid yet again since it just ended, however I feel this is not the way to go this week. I might post a vivid light festival blog later in the week but for now I want to talk about something a little bit more funny. It will be one of the most self-deprecating blog posts I have ever done.

I was recently reminiscing about the first day I arrived in Australia. And trust me this will be hilarious to some and a bit stupid to others. I have never been the one to share things like this but as someone who loves to laugh it only seems appropriate.
I used to have a horrible diet, I mean shockingly bad. My diet consisted of pop-tarts, ramen noodles, Easy Mac, Kool-aid and sugar cookies, oh and I used to cook steak but that was about it. Now I don’t mean I literally only ate these things, but they were key items in my sugar and carb diet. Ramen noodles and Kool-aid were probably my favorite. So my first trip to the grocery store after three days of being in Australia with a bit of culture shock I found myself stuck. Nothing I wanted to eat was here. I remember staring at the shelves thinking I am on another planet. For some of you this might be shockingly stupid but trust me my emotions were running pretty wild. I mean after I realized there was no Wal-Mart, Culvers, or Taco-Bell I was already mad.

I said to myself “No Pop-tarts?? Where the heck am I?” But then I realized my diet was unbelievably bad. So the first trip to an Aussie grocery store, I bought instant noodles, rice bubble cereal which is like Rice Krispy treats in America, Steak, cheese, milk, honey, and lastly bread. I then went to my new Aussie home and researched where to find Pop-Tarts. I really should be a spokesperson for Kellogg’s.  I put no vegetables or fruit in my cart. Looking back, I wonder how I survived all through college with these food groups? I guess from the left overs my mother and grandmother cooked for me to take back to my dorm. I ate like a child if I’m going to be completely honest with myself.

But in knowing this it opened my eye to a lot of food I would have never eaten. Here I have eaten kangaroo which is delicious and great for you. I tried Emu and duck, along with some of the greatest Asian foods I have ever eaten. Japanese by far being my favorite. America there is a new age of food. I learned the hard way that I eat way too many things out of boxes and bags. Sugar ran pretty much my entire diet. The funniest thing though is my initial reaction when I realized that there was no kool-aid and Wal-Mart. However, what I gained was such a healthier outcome and a desire to try different food, which I feel more people should have.

I eat healthier than I ever have before and feel happy and healthy. America it’s time to embrace all different food and give up the sugar. It will be hard but it will be completely worth it. I’m not saying give it up completely, but remember everything is okay in moderation. I still laugh when I realize I almost had a meltdown when Australian grocery stores had no kool-aid or pop-tarts. So you know what I did? Packed some after I visited Wisconsin during Christmas. It works every time.