Today I want to talk about the amazing Vivid Light festival I went to a couple weeks ago. It was incredible. This festival features over 60 fantastic art installations along with thousands and thousands of lights which light up the Sydney waterfront. This amazing festival is one of Sydney’s best, and brings in a total of 20 million dollars for the New South Wales economy.

This festival has been running for a total of 8 years and recently lit up more areas of Sydney this year which included the Botanical Gardens and the Taronga Zoo. This event lights up the Sydney CBD in a way that is amazing and beautiful. During this event there are shows, interactive light fixtures, and amazing harbor cruises which light up everything, and showcase some of the best dining in the world.

The atmosphere the light installations and fixtures, and the fact that almost 2 million people attend makes it the festival to be at for winter. If you are ever in Sydney for the beginning of winter, I completely recommend that you go. This year Vivid Festival has come and gone but I suggest to all my American readers that you go. I had an amazing time and there are pictures all through my blog so anyone who has never seen it can check I out.

Even though it’s technically cold, meaning roughly 50 degrees which for me is quite mild it still is great to see the Sydney Harbor. It gets Aussie’s out and about even at a time where most confine themselves to warm homes. I had a great time and now I’m a bit sad because it’s winter and no more spectacular festivals like the Sydney Vivid Light Festival. But I can think about the spectacular time I had at Vivid while I wait for Aussie winter to end.