One of the most depressing things I see in life are lazy people. And just an FYI this is going to be controversial. If you do not vote, then do not complain about life and politics. Let me say that again, if you do not vote at all then shut up and stop complaining about what is going on around you. Voting is a right we all have living in a great democracy so why waste it if we don’t have too.

Ever since I turned 18 years old I have always voted. I am now 24 years old and have seen some of the best changes too America. In 2008 we elected our first African American President and in 2012 I watched our nation do it again. However, from 2008 to the 2012 election there was a six percent drop in the number of voters who showed up to the polls. Now with that being said I say this, what is wrong with my country? The amount of complaints about policy, politics, taxes, and so on outweighs the 50 percent of eligible American voters who do not vote.

So many people died and sacrificed for our right to vote and the fact we take this for granted makes me extremely angry. Here in Australia voting is compulsory. So if you do not vote you can be fined. This should be introduced in America. When you have less than half of the population voting there is a huge problem. Who-ever is elected I feel did not earn that office, because of the thousands of Americans who chose to not vote. The will of the people should always come from the vote.

My advice to all Americans is not only to vote, but to be informed as well. Many of the population in the United Kingdom were asked about their votes to leave the European Union and responded with the question “What is the EU?”  This is also a problem. You should always know what is going on, and you should always know your representatives. I rant and express my feelings on this matter because when you choose to not vote, even though you can, you essentially are saying I don’t care about my future, my families’ future, and the future of my friends. So you need to take the opportunity to make a difference. Do not let your voice be silenced. Voting and registering can be difficult however you need to do it. If you don’t the future may not be what you want it to be.

We saw huge numbers of voters for President Barack Obama in 2008, so let’s make that happen today in 2016. Voting should always be important, regardless of who is running or not. Even if you truly do not like any candidates, then at least pick the one you hate less than the others. This is simple and can be done on election day. Please do not be lazy and when you wake up on November 8th remember those who fought, sacrificed, and died for your right to vote. Especially for all of us minority voters. We as black people were not allowed to vote well after everyone else could. So why do we choose to not vote? Don’t waste your opportunity to vote because you’re too lazy or even worst if you think it’s pointless. I’m done being angry so just vote. I’m doing it from halfway around the world so why can’t you!!!