What to write about this week? I swear I have writers block at least once every two weeks, but I think I have a fantastic idea. I want to talk about MasterChef. Now MasterChef is one of my absolute favorite shows. I love cooking and I love brilliant and fantastic food. I watch MasterChef every day that it is on. I watch Australian MasterChef as well as the American MasterChef. However, there is one that delivers in so many ways a level of fine dining quality.

My American readers will probably all say I am no longer American, but I have to be honest, the Australian MasterChef is spectacular. This week the top seven from Australian MasterChef 2016 will be in America, traveling to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even San Diego. Australian contestants are challenged to great heights with all different cuisines from all over the world. American MasterChef is a different show entirely. There is not that level of finesse or quality food in the American version of this show.

I mean the pressure tests they are put through on a day to day basis is just incredible. They recreate dishes which have recipes with over 80 to 100 steps from time to time. Nothing like this is ever shown on the American MasterChef. I have never seen a six to ten-page recipes on the American MasterChef. I suggest to all my American readers out there, try to find a way to watch the Australian MasterChef because it is an amazing show. Now just because I have given my approval to the Australian version of MasterChef, I still fully love the humorous and sometime jerk Gordon Ramsay, he makes the show brilliant. But if we are talking about a show that is only about producing the best food imaginable, Australia takes the cake bar none. The way they replicate recipes from some of the best chef’s around the world inspires people.

Whereas the American MasterChef goes along with the idea of simplistic cooking. Dishes we make in our homes for our families and friends. I used to say it was the same show to the Australian version, but looking back I see one is about the highest level of quality food and the other is about great food as well as comfortable and simple dishes. Now the dishes in the American version MasterChef of course I am going to know better, but when I watch either of them I get inspired to cook more. Which is why I love cooking and why I love watching MasterChef. And with that being said check out the pick beside this piece where you will see some homemade brownies made with love after watching MasterChef.