What has happened to the world? A man who has no political experience once so ever can become the leader of the free world. Terrorism, violence, and hatred for anything different is evident. And lastly politics has disenfranchised us from caring about what happens around us.

Let’s start with the plagiarized speech from Melania Trump. What in the world? How can the nominee for the most powerful position in the world let his wife and speech writer create a speech that has so many similarities to the current First Ladies speech, and think they will get away with it? It is mistakes like this that make me nervous for the future of America, and too be honest the rest of the world. Now I don’t want this to be completely one sided but plagiarism of any kind is not okay. So this happens correct, well there is a bit more drama in the rest of the world.

On top of that we have a society driven by hate. In a time where everyone in the world is terrified, and on edge, why should we yell at Muslims. Why should we deport all illegal immigrants even if they have lived in America their entire lives? Why should we threaten Mexico with a wall and make them pay for it? This all just makes no sense. Society has just become this constant stream of social media posts, rants, hatred, and negative things. I by far am nowhere near perfect either. I have my moments with occasional rants through this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and even in this piece. However, I always feel I give constructive advice and most of the time I just want to look at the big picture not demonize or destroy someone. I may disagree with a lot Donald Trump says as well as Hillary Clinton, but I share my opinion for the best possible outcome. It’s not always about being right. It is sometimes about looking at the issues and making a decision that all people should tolerate along with not feeling disrespected.

When you work in public service there may not be a lot you and your opposition agree on but if you can come together on that one issue for the best possible outcome, then you truly are doing your job. And I feel that attitude is nowhere near the current Republican presidential nominee. If you feel that building a wall around Mexico, destroying bridges between some of America’s biggest allies, or if you feel all Muslims are terrorists then please don’t vote. However, I will say I understand your fear but in times of crisis we should all come together. We should be building bridges not walls. Now I don’t want to rant anymore. But please ask yourself, is the man standing at the forefront of the Republican party the man you want protecting your family, your children, and the future of the greatest nation in the world? If not then you must vote please, and we all must come together. With the all the disasters, and bad news in the world today let us all come together. I laugh at what is going on around me, but then after I laugh I get serious about what is going on around me and honestly I’m scarred for the future just as we all are. I don’t have all the answers but I feel I have somewhat of an informed decision. Thanks everyone hopefully next week I have a happier post.