What to write about what to write about? Well I just started a new job but don’t really need to write about that. However, I could write about the switch from university world to the real world, but that seems to serious as well. Wait I finally figured out what I want to write about! Today I am going to be a bit light-hearted. I am addicted to reality television. Now this is something I feel no one should ever admit to. But since I have a new job and I am in a pretty good mood today I am going to explain what about reality television is so cool.

Now what reality television shows are we talking about? Well I enjoy Big Brother, Masterchef, Survivor, and the list will continue to go on and on and on. Now don’t misinterpret what I am saying. I enjoy my news as well. I enjoy CNN, BBC, ABC, all of the major news networks I feel are valid and informative news channels. But when I come home from work I like to kill some good brain cells and watch some trash television. Why you ask? Because it is entertaining, funny, and I then can ask myself, do people actually act like this in real life? The answer is always no but you know television makes people do pretty odd things.

The idea of 24 girls battling it out for the attention of one guy seems pretty stupid. But when watching it while I’m relaxed at home it’s a pretty nice way to spend the evening. I only watch these shows when I have nothing else to watch. Most of the time I like my American Football and my Netflix. But when I see a funny promo for the new Australian Survivor I can’t help but tell myself that I will probably watch that.

Now I know someone who wants to be a journalist should never say what I just said, however when life gets too serious day to day. Some of us just want a good laugh and to watch everyday people do crazy and sometimes dangerous things on television. I should probably go now before you guys all start laughing at me. I’ll see you all next week. And just remember at least I am being completely honest. I know a lot of people watch the same stuff I do on television but never admit to it.