Now what should I write about the Olympics that just passed? Nah too simple. Maybe I could write about the Australia Census fail. Nah still too simple. I think this week is the perfect week to talk about what journalism is. The lines can be blurred a lot through journalism. I have always believed that journalism is used to tell the public what is going on in their local community and all around the world. But when does telling the story become more opinion based than journalistic. And is there a happy medium when answering this question.

Each story is different, from sports, finance, and even entertainment. The skills required in grabbing these stories comes from an individual’s basic knowledge of that particular topic. Then you take that basic understanding and apply it to a current event happening in the community. You then gather facts to complete a full news bulletin, article, or feature writing piece. Now what makes up this line between hard and soft news?

Well soft news is news that is feel good, or happy so to speak. Stories like a cat in a tree, or a new film premiere. Hard news is news that delivers hard and fast facts with no fluff. Now I believe there is a happy medium which can still be considered adequate and effective journalism. As someone who studied journalism and has a Master’s Degree in communication and journalism, I sometimes myself wonder when I am watching the news or sensationalism at its best. The only way to be sure is to trust your instinct.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and take a more in depth look at the story. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes while watching the news the flashy moments hook me the most. I truly believe when you are truly creating excellent journalism you will lose members of your audience on either side of that issue. However, I want to be sure I am achieving that as a journalist. Journalism has so many different variations. It can be considered bias, good, bad, even excellent. But the true test for this comes from you. I studied this but will admit I still have a lot to learn to become an expert.

I love a good soft news story, but I also love a hard news story with reports of the facts with no added fluff, so I know exactly what is going on in the world. You need a bit of both to go through life. If all you surround yourself with is hard news you become desensitized to what is happening around you. However, when you have a balance of both you can say you are informed as well as say what latest pop star performed. Well maybe not those specific things but somewhere in the middle.
I believe that journalism is something that is all around us. We need it for intelligence, and we need individuals who are willing to ask the hard questions. People who want to know the truth so they can present to the public effectively. I have always wanted to write stories and research topics of the world. Journalism is something in me that makes me want to know and understand more. I want to be an effective and smart journalist, which is why I decided to do this blog post. We all should know the differences in good, bad, and even excellent journalism. Before I leave you for the week I found this amazing quote about this very topic.

“The most important characteristic shared by good journalists is curiosity. Good journalists love to read and want to find out as much as they can about the world around them.” Written by Robert Niles. This is incredibly true and I hope to continue having as much curiosity as I can. See you all next week.