What to write about today? What I’m about to write about may be controversial. I feel like I am becoming less and less American. The more time I spend here the less I remember about America. I think it’s time for me to get a crash course in everything America. And note this will come across in one of three ways. Silly, funny, or just incorrect, or any combination of the three.

Now let’s start with something simple first. Something I enjoy regularly is football, but recently I have been saying football to replace Rugby. I rarely get to watch football games because Green Bay Packers games are not always aired here in Australia and secondly if I were to watch a game it would be around 4am Sydney time or Monday morning when I’m working. I’m not saying I have given up on American football but it’s hard to catch a game. Now I have gotten into Rugby and AFL over the last couple weeks since the finals are right around the corner. Has Australia taken away my NFL spirit? I even call American Football, Gridiron now I think all my friends in the states would stop talking to me if I said that out loud while home.

Next thing that is starting to make me feel like a non-American is the way I say and use the word ‘mate’. I use it in text messages, in my speech and even when I’m not thinking about it. I truly feel once I visit America for Christmas I will be massively made fun of by family and friends. The word mate is like wall paper to me. I even used it at the grocery store when I accidently ran into someone. I literally said “Sorry Mate” without even thinking. I have become so much Australian I find it to be quite hilarious. And all my American ‘mates’ would probably agree.

And for my final Aussie action it involves my love for Tim Tams and chocolate. Now don’t get me wrong I like chocolate but let’s be real Australia has much better chocolate than America. Now I can only hope my American readers don’t get mad at what I just said. Chocolate in this country is amazing, and I know I consider myself an immense chocolate lover. A lot more so than when I lived in the United States. Let’s face it everyone, I love Australian sport and television, I use the word ‘mate’ and ‘uni’ all of the time, and lastly I now consider chocolate a close friend of mine. I have lost a bit of my American knowledge and now it’s time to get it back.