Well after a very long hiatus of writing and being involved in this blog I am back. I want to start my first blog after the new year right. I want to be sure that everyone who reads my blog knows exactly what it’s about and what I am about.

I am journalist who loves to analyze the world. I made this blog over a year ago, because I wanted to highlight the differences I felt all around me while living in Australia. I still want to do this however I want to make my blog a platform for human interest stories and change. I want to use my journalistic talents to tell stories not just in professional work but here in this blog as well.

I enjoy discussing music, art, politics, and sports. I will use this blog for the fun fluffy stories as well as those which shape the world we live in today. I used my vacation to America for Christmas and my New Year’s resolution to change the direction of my blog. It will still have those qualities of my American rants, but it will also have a different dimension with interviews, evidence, and facts from news of the week. I have dozens of stories from my trip back home to the United States and as politics among other things rapidly changes all around I want to open discussion on those issues right here on this blog.

This new direction I think will be great, and since this post is the one I am writing for this blogs reveal on Facebook I want it to be a great start for something good. With all my loyal readers, out there, and the ones I have not captured yet I want you all to be informed as well as laugh with my weekly banter, stories and news content.

I do hope this change is one readers will appreciate. The format will follow a weekly pattern one week light hearted and funny and the next week serious news stories. The topic will change from week to week, however you will always know research, interviews, and evidence will support each story.

With that I will see all of you next week. Hope you all like the format, because I know I really do. I am unsure of the topic for next week, but I know it will be something relevant and interesting.