Awe the dreaded Valentine’s Day. I wrote a similar post to this one last year around the same time. I reminded all my readers to remember that the day means zero when truly testing your relationship. However, I also said if you love to celebrate it then go for it.

I have always said you don’t need one day to tell someone that you love and care for them. This should happen all year round. But if you want to surprise your partner or take them to a romantic dinner, or even spoil them with chocolate and flowers you should be allowed to do so. I’ll be honest at times I can be a sucker for romance and other times I just want to throw in the towel because I know my partner and I are satisfied.

Today though I want to pose the question to everyone. When is it alright to throw all the carry-on of day like valentine’s Day out the window. I always thought you had to do something for these days, but as time goes on is it worth it? And I guess the only real answer to that question really falls on you husband, wife, or partner. Only mutually can both of you decide what is acceptable and what is not for Valentine’s Day. I am no expert when it comes to saying one way or the other with things, but I am someone who thinks love is great no matter what form it comes in.

This Valentines have a conversation with your partner. Discover what their interests are and at the end of that conversation you will be much stronger together. If you are going to surprise him or her go big or go home. At least that is what I always say. I know for me I will probably work today and relax. I have learned to relax and have no expectations. Watching a movie with popcorn and wine is enough for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy it with your partner or significant other. Remember it’s not always the day that is special, but the many memories and activities you do with your lover that are special. And for those of you that are single be sure to enjoy being single because before you know it that freedom may be gone. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone see you all next week.