The world we live in today is full of problems of course. We all experience turmoil, sadness, and even loneliness, however there is one thing that seems to create more problems than it solves in these categories and that would be social media. I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for almost a year but haven’t had the courage to do it. I mean think about it logically, if you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media do you feel safe? Do you trust them? And what services do they really provide for all of us that use them.

I recently decided to open a new chapter in my life involving a harsh look into the realities of these so-called entertainment tools that billions of people use every day. I will be attempting to complete a PhD program where I will analyse social media imagery, messaging, and advertisements that directly affect mass acts of terror and violence including but not limited to mass shooting and terrorist attacks. These aren’t the only things that can come out of these communication tools. They limit our ability to interact in real time with people outside a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. They manipulate and limit us from having our own opinions and thoughts. Facebook in particular makes it possible for fake and untrue news stories to be on display for any user to read and then take what they have read and spread it as if it was fact to millions of other people.

This alone is so dangerous not just from a journalistic stand point but a political one as well. Not only that hate, bullying, and flat out mean behaviour is often spread through the social media airways like if it was nothing. Even the leader of the free world bullies those he opposes through Twitter and Facebook. When his wife Melania’s platform directly contradicts this which unfortunately is just tragic. Some individuals live their life through these social media platforms and now they are preying on the weak to change public opinion, insight, and even invoke violence where there once was none.

There are massive problems with social media that need to be addressed not just by the tech giants but also by us. We need to analyse the good and the bad with social media. What are we really putting out there for the world to digest and read, and is it really worth it? The Cambridge Analyitca scandal along with the cyber-bullying crisis are just tips of the iceberg. There is still so much to come out of what social media has become and where it is going.

Now look I’m not trying to go on social media rant, but all these issues need to be addressed and as far as why I use social media goes I only use it for family and work purposes, because unfortunately now a days being a journalist is a 24/7 job and social media can be used for up to date news which I find has damaged journalism. As time goes on it seems like the bad keeps out weighing the good with this. We need comprehensive planning to address the social media nightmare that engulfs the world we live in. I plan to dig deep into this with my research. Let’s put it this way when the President of the United States can have three-page fight with another foreign leader, which then can cause WWIII then we are all foolish to not talk about seriously limiting what these platforms used for and how seriously they are taken.

I’m asked all the time why I don’t post, why I don’t have a twitter presence and so on. This question is so annoying for the record. And I say because I like the truth, I like integrity, and first and foremost I enjoy my privacy. The world doesn’t need to know my every thought or whereabouts, and it especially doesn’t need to know what I ate for breakfast. So I don’t know what social media right now I see more foe if I am being completely honest. See you all next week.