How do most of us choose to spend our New Years? Are you one to head to the club or a party full of alcohol and killer music? Are you one for staying home and bringing in the New Year on your couch? Or are you one for bring in the New Year with faith and religion by heading to Church?

Whatever your thing is on New Year’s they all serve a unique purpose. All of these activities are a part of each and every one of us. They shape and define us. I’ll admit I never was the biggest fan of New Years. Back in the day my family and I would have nice quiet evenings at home with a nice home cooked meal and some champagne maybe. Coming from a pretty conservative household my grandmother never took to kindly to drinking really ever around the holidays. I know can you believe it? No alcohol on New Year’s, it was hard to swallow that reality back then. Most if not all of my friends got to drink for the celebration. But I didn’t let that hamper my fun now as an adult. 

However, there are a couple things that make New Years a big hype, but it just falls short almost every year. It’s said to be the night of your live with friends, good food, booze, and a positive outlook for the what lies ahead in the New Year. But does it ever turn out that fantastic? I think the answer to that would be no well at least for the majority of us. Do we ever get to kiss that special someone from work or school? Do we ever wake up in the morning on New Year’s Day and honestly say last night was the most amazing of our lives? Do we watch the Sydney Harbour fireworks or watch the ball drop in New York City during the countdown and have an overwhelming sense of awesomeness?

Well I at least know I don’t. It’s never is as good as I expect or want it to be, and to be honest it sometimes can be just a bit lame. This year I think I’ll be staying in. I’ll save money, have no massive headache the next day, and lastly won’t feel claustrophobic on that harbour trying to find a spot for those so-called iconic fireworks. Does that make me un-cool? Well so be it. And besides New Years is all about new beginnings why not start the new year off relaxed and chilled. I think there is something to be said about fresh starts around this time of year. And my fresh start is going to start in front of my big screen TV on my comfy couch with a beer.

To all my reader American and Australian alike have a great New Years, be safe and have fun. And lastly don’t forget to make New Year’s resolutions. Mine include not letting other people’s opinions of me affect me, to catch up with mates more than I do, and lastly to read and write even more than I do now. See you all next year.