Awe the dreaded Valentine’s Day. I wrote a similar post to this one last year around the same time. I reminded all my readers to remember that the day means zero when truly testing your relationship. However, I also said if you love to celebrate it then go for it.

Well after a very long hiatus of writing and being involved in this blog I am back. I want to start my first blog after the new year right. I want to be sure that everyone who reads my blog knows exactly what it’s about and what I am about.

What to write about today? What I’m about to write about may be controversial. I feel like I am becoming less and less American. The more time I spend here the less I remember about America. I think it’s time for me to get a crash course in everything America. And note this will come across in one of three ways. Silly, funny, or just incorrect, or any combination of the three.

Now what should I write about the Olympics that just passed? Nah too simple. Maybe I could write about the Australia Census fail. Nah still too simple. I think this week is the perfect week to talk about what journalism is. The lines can be blurred a lot through journalism. I have always believed that journalism is used to tell the public what is going on in their local community and all around the world. But when does telling the story become more opinion based than journalistic. And is there a happy medium when answering this question.

What to write about what to write about? Well I just started a new job but don’t really need to write about that. However, I could write about the switch from university world to the real world, but that seems to serious as well. Wait I finally figured out what I want to write about! Today I am going to be a bit light-hearted. I am addicted to reality television. Now this is something I feel no one should ever admit to. But since I have a new job and I am in a pretty good mood today I am going to explain what about reality television is so cool.

What has happened to the world? A man who has no political experience once so ever can become the leader of the free world. Terrorism, violence, and hatred for anything different is evident. And lastly politics has disenfranchised us from caring about what happens around us.

What to write about this week? I swear I have writers block at least once every two weeks, but I think I have a fantastic idea. I want to talk about MasterChef. Now MasterChef is one of my absolute favorite shows. I love cooking and I love brilliant and fantastic food. I watch MasterChef every day that it is on. I watch Australian MasterChef as well as the American MasterChef. However, there is one that delivers in so many ways a level of fine dining quality.