What has happened to the world? A man who has no political experience once so ever can become the leader of the free world. Terrorism, violence, and hatred for anything different is evident. And lastly politics has disenfranchised us from caring about what happens around us.

What to write about this week? I swear I have writers block at least once every two weeks, but I think I have a fantastic idea. I want to talk about MasterChef. Now MasterChef is one of my absolute favorite shows. I love cooking and I love brilliant and fantastic food. I watch MasterChef every day that it is on. I watch Australian MasterChef as well as the American MasterChef. However, there is one that delivers in so many ways a level of fine dining quality.

One of the most depressing things I see in life are lazy people. And just an FYI this is going to be controversial. If you do not vote, then do not complain about life and politics. Let me say that again, if you do not vote at all then shut up and stop complaining about what is going on around you. Voting is a right we all have living in a great democracy so why waste it if we don’t have too.

Today I want to talk about the amazing Vivid Light festival I went to a couple weeks ago. It was incredible. This festival features over 60 fantastic art installations along with thousands and thousands of lights which light up the Sydney waterfront. This amazing festival is one of Sydney’s best, and brings in a total of 20 million dollars for the New South Wales economy.

So everybody I was going to talk about Vivid yet again since it just ended, however I feel this is not the way to go this week. I might post a vivid light festival blog later in the week but for now I want to talk about something a little bit more funny. It will be one of the most self-deprecating blog posts I have ever done.

So I thought about doing a post on the holiday known as the Queen’s Birthday, and then I had decided to do a post on the Sydney Vivid Light Festival, but after waking up this morning and seeing the horrific story from Orlando, Florida I decided to do a post on gun violence and what can and should be done. I know this is not the sort of story you want on a Public Holiday, but given the circumstances it seems appropriate to address it.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write about this week, and I finally came up with a great topic. Now we all know that English is a very complex language. But did you know that they’re so many different forms of English. Even in one of the most used programs in the world, Microsoft word, there is a total of 16 different variations of English. The most used widely include United Kingdom English, Australian English, and lastly American English. It got me thinking what is the right and wrong way to use the English language? Whether that be when you write or speak. Maybe everybody reading this can help me out as well.