Why is cable television bad here? Oh Australia I don’t want to be rude, but get with it and fix the television problem here. Foxtel is great for all that it does and provides. However why do Aussies have to pay so much for it? This blog post is about shedding light on how hard working Australian families get ripped off left and right if they choose to have cable in the house.

We all have heard the stories about video games and how they can be good or bad to any given extent. We all have heard they can insight violence, and cause bad behavior between young people. There has lastly been claims that video games can create terrorist behavior. Well I am here to tell all of you that this is not true.

Yes it is that time of the year again. It is time for the faithful and dreaded Valentine’s Day. In two days restaurants and some pubs will be bombarded with couples. Now I know what some of you are all thinking, who cares about it, and the other half of you are probably thinking wow it’s one of my favorite Holidays. Now neither one of you are wrong but let’s try to figure out why it’s so split down the middle.

  1. The best work ties include those with not too much going on. Plain is always better when going to work. Good solid colors are the best choice and the best solid color for men include blue, green, and purple. Darker colors which can match any suit combination or color pallet. These colors also are extremely hard to stain for those of you may be messy eaters at your desk or cubicle.
  2. Casual ties create a bit of a grey area when it comes to fashion. Casual can mean two specific things one being comfortable, and the meaning goofy or funny. For the sake of the subject stick with comfort, however don’t give up style. Striped ties are great for casual attire. Horizontal or vertical works. Best color combinations for these include red and black, blue and green, and if you prefer brighter colors purple and white make a great impression. This says I have style. Stay away from ties with animals or various items all over them.
  3. Dinner party ties are very similar to work ties since you are dealing with food. The one small difference is stripes are allowed and skinnier ties are more acceptable. Fat ties are great for work and skinny ties are great for dinner parties. Not as conservative as a work tie. Skinny ties however always have to be a neutral color. No stripes or patterns and try to stick to dark colors such as blue, green, and black.
  4. Church Service Ties for those of you who attend church service always stick to a normal sized tie out of respect, and the easiest color ties in this situation include black ties. Grey and white work as well depending on the suit but black is by far the best.
  5. Drinks with friends Ties If you’re like me then you prefer to never wear a tie out for a night at the pub or bar with mates. However for those of you who do, skinny ties completely okay, bright colored acceptable, and patterns acceptable. Just be sure that it matches the rest of your outfit.

Yes the Gold Coast is a fantastic tourist and vacation hot spot. An array of bars, beaches, restaurants, and lot of fantastic shopping. I took a trip their after my graduation to celebrate and I have to say it was a lot of fun.

Okay my lovely audience who are all probably gone! I took a bit of hiatus from my blog however I’m back. This post is way late of course, however I want to see if the rest of world thinks like me or not. Plus I really like Halloween!

Okay, I am going to ask you all the age old question which Aussies and Americans have to ask themselves and each other. What exactly is Australian cuisine? I mean sure you could say Kangaroo, Emu, or even the good old fashioned barbecue which all Aussies love is traditional Australian cuisine. But does it make it the typical Australian dish? Ever since I got here I see foods from all over the world, however I will say that a good majority of the food I see is that of Asian Cuisines. Such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and various others all around Australia.