Okay I am someone who likes to party and go out. This attitude is not unlike that of Americans and Australians, even the ones who don’t want to admit this. Now why am I bringing this up? Well when all of us travel to a new place we tend to look into the night life in that particular city, Nightclubs, bars, pubs, Etc. Having said that I feel Sydney has some amazing places to go out and enjoy. I enjoy Kings Cross Hotel, Coogee Bay Hotel, and lastly the biggest nightclub in Sydney called The Ivy. I enjoy these places and when I first arrived here I could walk into each of these places at any time before 5am.

In my head I kept going over and over what I should write about this week. I had a mental block like I have never had before. However I think I came up with something not only interesting but also a little outside the box for me. Australia seems to be one of the most expensive places in the world in terms of living expenses. From rent, to produce, and to even clothing it seems to be more expensive than that of other countries.

Okay so for the new followers of my blog you may find this extremely hilarious and others of you may find it not that hilarious. However I find it so funny so I have to write about it.

Okay, okay yes I didn’t do a blog entry last week! If you must know what happened I partied. Now let me explain to you that Easter was last weekend and I seemed to have been partying instead of blogging. However to be honest I know it’s not a great excuse, but I did indeed have a great time. Now how is Easter a big party holiday you may ask?

As summer begins to subside and autumn begins to begin you start to feel a little uneasy. After a fairly long summer the end of the aussie summer begins the day after the Mardi Gras festival and party. Now with summer ending I find some people tending to have a lot of anxiety and anger. I myself have experienced this. Last weekend I had the time of my life and now everything feels like it changed. The weather is still fairly beautiful but cooler. The university students start school back up and those on vacation kiss traveling goodbye and say hello to more and more work. I don’t mean to upset anyone, but this is the impression I get from people starting a couple days ago.

My name is Harold Luther Jr. I am a hopeful blogger who for the past seven month have been living in Sydney, Australia. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for those who don’t know. I will attempt to post new content regularly about the difference of America and Australia. Two countries very different but connected by one language  English.