Groundhogs Day is one of the most iconic and looked forward too days out of the entire year. Every February 2ndthe United States and Canada look to this animal for guidance and relieve. If the Groundhog burrows up from his sleep and is unable to find its shadow winter will end early and spring will come. The animal unfortunately is usually wrong, but this will mark only the 19thtime out of 124 recordings that he has not seen his shadow. And given the polar vortex the entire country experienced only a few short weeks ago with temperatures reaching extreme record lows some places 60 below zero, this news could not be any better.

Martin Luther King Jr was a brilliant man who cared about the proper treatment and respect for all people. As we all begin to look forward to a day off from work and school this Monday let us remember what it is actually for. It is not just a holiday it is supposed to be a day of service and remembrance. We remember and pay tribute to someone who fought injustice and discrimination with no fear.

Off to the AFC Championship game they go. The Chiefs clinch a ride to the Championship game for the Division, and if successful they will be going straight to February 4thfor Super Bowl 53. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was on fire Saturday with four nearly flawless drives into the end zone along with one more drive limiting them to a field goal. Even with that stop the victory was inevitable.

The Cowboys defence has been nothing but amazing this year. It is within the top 5 of the entire National Football League, but the Rams offence proved to be to be too much for the Cowboys defence.

Well it’s no secret, now we know whose playing who in the second round of these NFL playoffs. After a quite bizarre wild card round with up’s, downs, and the occasional upset it’s safe to say the Divisional rounds along with the conference championships after that it’s going to be one heck of a Super bowl come February 4th.

Well it’s been confirmed by all the networks and publication around Wisconsin. Green Bay has now picked a new head coach to replace the beloved Mike Mccarthy. The only question is can he nurture this team to greatness?

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks suffered a bone crushing loss this weekend over Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. In a hard-fought game, the Cowboys managed to keep the Seahawks at bay with a narrow 2-point victory in this NFC wild card game. Coming down ultimately to an Australian and an on-side kick that sadly was unsuccessful.