It’s been nearly a week since the Green Bay Packers let Head Coach Mike McCarthy go. This unfortunate news shocked not only the Green Bay Packers franchise and its fans, but also the entire Nation Football League. 

The future of the Green Bay Packers is now up in the air with Joe Philbin filling in as interim coach until a replacement can be selected, however with their season now in immense trouble it begs the question what will Green Bay do now in the short-term and is their season even salvageable? Given that devastating loss on Sunday at Lambeau Field against the 2-9 Arizona Cardinals. Placing them third in the NFC West which ties the Pack who are also third in their conference in the NFC North. 

Many have criticized Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers given how high the stakes are with this Franchise since Aaron now is the highest paid Quarterback in NFL history racking in a whopping 134,000,000 dollars yearly. Added to that stress is the team’s other problem which is experience or lack thereof. Specifically, with their offense. After losing Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson to the Oakland Raiders, Wide Receiver Jeff Janis to the Cleveland Browns, and Running Back Eddie Lacy to the Seattle Seahawks it begs the question what happened to Green Bay’s fast-moving offense. During the last draft the Packers focused on improving their pass defence with the addition of two Line-backers and a Defensive End, but in doing so lost momentum on the offensive front.

Even with the drafting of two new rookie Wide Receivers Mark Valdes Scantling from South Florida and Equanimeous St. Brown from Notre Dame the chemistry between Rodgers and his Receivers seems off this season. Add that to a toxic relationship between coach and Quarterback you’re left with poor football.

Rodgers was asked if there was any tension between him and his coach and he denied the notion of said rumours. According to the Packer Wire Rodgers answered with this“I don’t know many times I’ve got to stand here and tell you, I don’t feel like I need to convince anybody about Mike and I’s relationship. It’s a close-knit relationship. And we would finish every time that we talked – whether it’s Monday afternoon up in his office, or the Thursdays we used to spend in the team room, or Friday upstairs, or Saturday in the QB room – and we’d hug each other and tell each other we love each other. I mean, we had a close-knit bond. Again, I don’t need to respond to every person out there who’s got an opinion. That just opens up a whole door of stuff that I don’t want to be a part of.”

And with Rodgers having this attitude the question of McCarthy’s swift dismissal four games before the end of the season is still up in the air. Who really is to blame for Green Bay’s disappointing season this year Mike, Aaron, the new Wide Receivers, or just the loss of great veteran players?

One thing is for certain Aarons 35thbirthday was only a couple days ago and with his newly signed 5-year contract he has that same amount of time to play up to his potential before his game may be over. Meaning 5 years to become the Super Bowl winning team they once were in 2010.