The Bears put the Green Bay Packers post-season hopes to bed after an explosive win in Chicago at Soldier Field. Even with a fumble by the bears and turn over late in the second half for the Packers to capitalise on they still end up short.

However, on the other side the Bears have clinched an NFC North Division title for the first time in 8 years. Along with a win at Soldier Field against the Packers which also hasn’t happened in 8 years. Solider Field erupted into a frenzy with this playoff clinching win.

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has also fallen from what is the longest passing streak in the NFL with a whopping 300 completed passes with no interceptions. Rodgers has attempted over 400 passes and now has the highest record of any other Quarterback in the National Football League. His streak came to an end right near the end zone around the 10-yard line. Rodgers pass was tipped in the end zone into the hands of Bears Safety Eddie Jackson. Jackson then sprained his ankle on the return.

In the Fourth Quarter Green Bay needed a touchdown, field goal, and lady luck on their side for an onside kick to go in their favour. Unfortunately, they were only able to achieve one of the three in the last few minutes of the game. With that loss and the surprise win at U.S Bank Stadium by the Vikings against the Dolphins sealed the Packs fate. And assured the Chicago Bears a division title and front row ticket for the playoffs.

Rodgers now technically can sit the last two games of the season out but has already told reporters he wants to end the season strong while supporting his team as they look to next season.

Can the Bears blitz their schedule and pull out a Super Bowl appearance and win? If they do it’ll end an over 30-year drought for the franchise. Watch this space to see what happens in the NFL Playoff.