The Texans lost over the weekend to the Indianapolis Colts on their home turf in an almost blow out game. Even with JJ Watt and one of the best scrambling Quarterbacks in the league Deshaun Watson. In a hard-fought game, the Colts held the Texans to zero points for the entire first half.

Along with holding the Texans from scoring for a full 30 minutes the Colts managed to have two explosive drives in the first quarter of the game. Quarterback Andrew Luck came out guns blazing with fire in his eyes and desire to kill it. The Colts first drive consisted of 9 plays and a full 75 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

How will the Texans respond after a near flawless opening drive by the Colts? Deshaun took to the field with a couple play-action plays but to no avail they go three and out. After punting the ball away, the Colts start another drive that gets temporarily stalled near their own 40 yard-line. However, on third down #59 Line-backer Whitney Mercilus makes a massive mistake by holding and gives the Colts and Luck a free first down and 15-yards. Now in Texan territory they complete their second drive for another score making it 14 to 0. That one mistake gave the Colts another score.

The Texans get the ball back and now need to put some kind of drive together to get back in this game. However, the Texans get stalled again, but decide to go for it on fourth down. Needing 4 yards Watson throws a pass that the Colts intercept changing momentum back to the Colts. After a couple turnovers the Colts score another touchdown with Wide Receiver Dontrelle Inman to make the score 21 to 0.

And from there the Texans were able to score one touchdown finally in the last Quarter of the game, but it wasn’t enough. The lacking offence along with all those penalties made this game conclude with the Indianapolis Colts beating the favoured team. The sixth seed beating the third seed, which we all know happens, but extremely surprising at that.

Now looking forward into the Divisional round next week Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts have their work cut out for them. They’ll be facing All-Star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and number one in the AFC West the Kansas City Chiefs. After this upset over the Texans its anyone’s guess who will win this game, but the Colts have a way of surprising, as we all saw over the weekend.