Russell Wilson and the Seahawks suffered a bone crushing loss this weekend over Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. In a hard-fought game, the Cowboys managed to keep the Seahawks at bay with a narrow 2-point victory in this NFC wild card game. Coming down ultimately to an Australian and an on-side kick that sadly was unsuccessful.


The entire first half of the game all together was incredibly low scoring. Each team only holding 3 points apiece at the end of the first Quarter. After the first Quarter the cowboys with a heck of an attempt go for a 58-yard field goal. And Dallas Cowboy kicker Brett Maher drives the ball far to the right for a miss. Meaning brilliant field position for the Seattle Seahawks. After a great reception made by Wide Receiver Tyler lockett for 25 yards the Seahawks manage to score another field goal making the score now 6 to 3. 

However, the Dallas Cowboys get the ball back and charge up the field for a touchdown right before the half making the score 10 to 6. The Seahawks with only about 1.30 minutes to respond and huge kick return try for another field goal. Seahawk kicker Sebastian Janikowski misses far to the right before the half and on top of that pulls a hamstring which renders him unable to play. With no kicker the Seahawks go in the second half down on the scoreboard and down a man.

The Seahawks managed to come back in the third Quarter with a touchdown, and then try for two points since they have no field goal kicker. But Dallas responds with a touchdown of their own and make the score 24 to 14. Russell has one more drive left him toward the end of the 4th Quarter and gives the team hope with their final touchdown of the night and a successful two-point conversion.

Now with only a few minutes left the Seahawks only hope is a successful on-side kick or the game is over. Australian Michael Dickson unfortunately kicks the ball too deep making an easy recovery for the Dallas Cowboys and thereby ending the game. It all came down to the Aussie imagine that. So, with that loss the Seahawks season now comes to an end and Dallas now heads to the Los Angeles Colosseum to face the near flawless Rams. Which should be one cracking game.