Well it’s no secret, now we know whose playing who in the second round of these NFL playoffs. After a quite bizarre wild card round with up’s, downs, and the occasional upset it’s safe to say the Divisional rounds along with the conference championships after that it’s going to be one heck of a Super bowl come February 4th.

Now for all of you who are unaware of the matchups this week here is the list of the upcoming matches. After that tragic loss Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles the Bears sadly are out of competition. Meaning the Eagles have a date with the New Orleans Saints right in the heart of New Orleans at the Superdome. They’ll be playing on Monday January 14that 8:40AM. Should be a pretty interesting matchup.

Well whose next in the NFC line-ups? Well with the Cowboys stunning and nail bitting win over the Seattle Seahawks last weekend they’re on their way to the Los Angeles Colosseum to face the Rams in an epic battle of speed and skill. And the Cowboys for sure have their work cut out for them. They’ll be playing on January 13thSunday at 12:15PM. My money is on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

Well since we’ve covered what the National Football Conference or (NFC) game schedule its time for the AFC or American Football Conference schedule. And of course, the New England Patriots are in it, but who will they be facing? The Patriots were able to skip the wild card round and go straight to the Divisional round. With the Chargers win over the Baltimore Ravens in another amazing game. Los Angeles now has a date with one of the NFL’s greatest teams. Right on their home turf in New England at Gillette Stadium. This game is Monday January 14th at 5:05AM for those Aussies who want to get up early. It would be surprising if New England lost, but is that enough for them to pull out a win? With QB Tom Brady anything is possible.

Last but not least in the AFC we have the mighty Kansas City Chiefs facing the Indianapolis Colts. With their miraculous win over the Texans a couple days ago the sixth seeded Colts are going head to head against the number 1 seeded chiefs. QB Patrick Mahomes has been on fire over the regular season but with a last name like Luck and that ground-breaking win over the Texans luck might just be on the Colts side. QB Andrew Luck and the Colts have a lot of work to do to win this game. They’ll be playing on Sunday January 13that 8:35AM. And this game is on the top of my viewing list.

Now there you have it folks a wrap up of the games coming this weekend. But just in case you still missed it here they are again.


(AFC) Kansas City Chiefs V.S Indianapolis Colts (Sunday 8:35AM)


(AFC) New England Patriots V.S Los Angeles Chargers (Monday 5:05AM)


(NFC) Los Angeles Rams V.S Dallas Cowboys (Sunday 12:15PM)


(NFC) New Orleans Saints V.S Philadelphia Eagles (Monday 8:40AM)


So, in retrospect we could have two Los Angeles teams playing against each other in the Super bowl imagine that. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

All these times are Australia Eastern! See you at Game Time!