Off to the AFC Championship game they go. The Chiefs clinch a ride to the Championship game for the Division, and if successful they will be going straight to February 4thfor Super Bowl 53. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was on fire Saturday with four nearly flawless drives into the end zone along with one more drive limiting them to a field goal. Even with that stop the victory was inevitable.

Andrew Luck sadly didn’t have any luck on his side and was limited to only 13 points due to the amazing performance by the Kansas defence. During the First Quarter the Colts were shut out by the Chiefs quickness. The Colts did however manage to score a surprising touchdown at the beginning of the Second quarter. But that still wasn’t enough at the end of the end of the first half, knowing the Chiefs had four successful drives with points and the Colts had four 3 and outs with only one successful 1stdown at the beginning of the game.

The game unfortunately didn’t get any better for the Colts. Even with a late touchdown at the end of the 4thquarter the extra point was missed and a 23-yard field goal attempt before that. The game ended with another striking drive from Mahomes down the field to make the game score 13 to 30 Chiefs. After that drive only about 2:30 minutes were left, and the chiefs can safely assume they are headed to the AFC championship game.

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t been to a divisional championship game since 1993. Over 25 years of a non-championship drought. The Chiefs are now headed back to Arrowhead Stadium to face the New England Patriots in the most anticipated game in the NFL Playoffs. And to top off this victory Quarterback Patrick didn’t throw a single touchdown pass in this game. Kansas offence is on fire this season and if this game is anything to go off the Patriots have their work cut out for them.