The Cowboys defence has been nothing but amazing this year. It is within the top 5 of the entire National Football League, but the Rams offence proved to be to be too much for the Cowboys defence.

Starting with the ball the Rams had an impressive first opening drive getting inside the 15 yard-line but unable to convert on third down the Los Angeles Rams were only limited to a 25-yard field goal attempt. After a great drive the Cowboys take over and Dak Presscott Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys goes three for three in completions and about 50 yards. This opening drive for the Cowboys results in a touchdown to give away the advantage.

The Rams next drive results in a three and out scenario where Los Angeles Rams head coach decides to be bold and go for it on 4thdown. They do convert amazingly and do score again but only to have another field goal. And the game really for the most part didn’t deviate from low scores. The end of the first half yielded only kept the game at 6 to 7 with Dallas on top.

The second half did eventually pick up more momentum for both teams. Near the end of the third quarter Wide Receiver Ezekiel Elliot pounds one in to make the score 23 to 15. After a few more back and forth scores all through the 4thquarter the score hits 30 to 22 Rams. And it looks like their headed to the NFC Divisional title game to face the New Orleans Saints.

An amazing performance from Dak Presscott even with the loss. He has the highest completion rate in the entire NFL. Sadly, it wasn’t for the beastly Rams team. 

The next game in the playoffs will be a big one to watch and my money is on the New Orleans Saints to take this out.