The Patriots won their sixth title championship against the Los Angeles Rams in an epic clash of the two best teams in the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams smashing the competition in the NFC and the New England Patriots winning the AFC title.

The match was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history, and only one touchdown was executed throughout the entire game. Along with being a bit lack-luster compared to many other Super Bowls the match up of Quarterbacks could not be further apart or different if they tried.

Tom Brady arguably the most talented and all-time great of the sport of football head to head with Quarterback Jared Goff competing in his first ever Super Bowl and also one of the youngest only coming in at 23 years of age. And it didn’t stop there since the Patriots have been to the last three Super Bowls.

Even patriots head coach Bill Belacheck is one of the most experienced men in the league and Sean Mcvay is one of the youngest head coaches. You could not ask for a more diverse and vastly different competitive field if you tried. Both coaches have a lot to gain from the results of this game.

Sadly, both teams were limited to very low scoring results due to the fact that the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots maintained strong and dynamic defences almost impenetrable throughout the whole first half. However, with an early interception thrown by Tom Brady in the first quarter all bets were off. The best and favourite quarterback threw what was his first interception in his last 90 passing attempts. A record that the pro would have liked to keep.

Sadly, Jared Goff of the Rams didn’t have much luck capitalizing off that interception or moving the ball effectively on offence. At. Half-time the score was still zero to zero. Third quarter saw the first points of the game which the longest time for any Super Bowl game is to go without a single score. Both teams scoring a field goal made for an explosive last quarter. The Patriots were able to score one more field goal and a touchdown to take the game away from the Rams and win what is their sixth franchise history win. The final score amounting at 13 to 3.

Giving Tom Brady a staggering 6 Super Bowl rings, bragging rights forever, and the title of the greatest player of all time. And no he’s has no plans of retirement anytime soon. What is now the lowest scoring game in American Football history will also mark one of the biggest days in history for the legend Tom Brady and the New England franchise. One thing is certain the everchanging rules in the NFL may lead to more low scoring games. Now looking forward to next season the question should be asked will any other team manage to topple the champs.