A Bust for the Texans, Sadly Not Making It Past the Wild Card Round!

The Texans lost over the weekend to the Indianapolis Colts on their home turf in an almost blow out game. Even with JJ Watt and one of the best scrambling Quarterbacks in the league Deshaun Watson. In a hard-fought game, the Colts held the Texans to zero points for the entire first half.

Chicago Bears Clinch a Ticket to the Playoffs!

The Bears put the Green Bay Packers post-season hopes to bed after an explosive win in Chicago at Soldier Field. Even with a fumble by the bears and turn over late in the second half for the Packers to capitalise on they still end up short.

The Miami Miracle!


The Miami Dolphins shocked fans as well as the National Football League Sunday at their own stadium against the four-time Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots. Miami fans all around the country are referring to it as the Miami miracle.

Mike McCarthy Ousted, What’s Next for the Pack?

It’s been nearly a week since the Green Bay Packers let Head Coach Mike McCarthy go. This unfortunate news shocked not only the Green Bay Packers franchise and its fans, but also the entire Nation Football League. 

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