Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the latest Democrat to throw their hat in the ring for a hop, skip and a jump towards the White House. Senator Sanders making a bid for the White House no brings the democrat total to11 candidates. Bernie ran against Secretary Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary as well.

Voting has been low amongst all voters since the 1950’s. Even today for mid-term elections and presidential elections less than 50% of Americans vote. This number slightly rose in 2018, but that change can only be attributed to more awareness around the White House. The number is even lower between 10 and 20 percent less amongst African-American voters.

Now let’s look at it this way everything I could write on this topic wouldn’t shock any of you but just for my amusement I want take a look down memory lane on what turmoil the White House has faced since President Trump’s inauguration. The only problem is where do I start? We can go down the path of the ridiculous Twitter wars, but I assume that’s too boring. I think we’ll analyse the ever-growing list of staffers that trump has fired and or quietly pushed out since assuming the most powerful position in the world. And a general warning for all readers this list is long.

The United States political system can be a tricky thing to understand. Some of the key elements are those positions within the executive branch, how they coexist next to the legislative branch and what this means for laws to change all through the United States.