Now let’s look at it this way everything I could write on this topic wouldn’t shock any of you but just for my amusement I want take a look down memory lane on what turmoil the White House has faced since President Trump’s inauguration. The only problem is where do I start? We can go down the path of the ridiculous Twitter wars, but I assume that’s too boring. I think we’ll analyse the ever-growing list of staffers that trump has fired and or quietly pushed out since assuming the most powerful position in the world. And a general warning for all readers this list is long.

Starting from the beginning Sally Yates interim Attorney General was fired after only 11 days of service to Trump because she refused to implement the Presidents travel ban from travellers journeying to America froma majority Muslim countries. She was appointed by President Barack Obama for his administration.

Michael Flynn former National Security was fired because of his ties to Russian intelligence and his channels of communication with Russia during the Trump administration transition into the White House. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI officials in December of 2017.

Next, we have former FBI Director James Comey who unfortunately was sacked after 110 days of service. The Trump administration claimed this removal was based on his handling of the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal but bear in mind Comey was looking into collusion with the Trump administration and Russia before his termination which many say was real reason he was released.

Moving down the list Rich Higgins the former Strategic Planning Aid allegedly wrote an extremely damaging memo that experts say could delegitimized the president and destroy him. However, the reason for Higgins removal was not made public which only creates more questions into why he was terminated

Derek Harvey former National Security Council Advisor was appointed by the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn which could explain his termination. However, the Trump administration again did not make the reasoning public which continues to be a recurring theme with those he fire.

Coming up next, we have Ezra Cohen-Watrick the Senior Director for Intelligence on the National Security Council. Watrick came under fire for potentially supplying damming incidental foreign intelligence information about some officials on the Trump team to House intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes who we know is still looking into the Trump team for Russian interference and collusion with the 2016 presidential election.

Moving right on the down the list a conservative news favourite and the founder of Breitbart Steve Bannon was sacked after 211 days of service. The former White House Chief Strategist was fired because of a comment he made in American Prospect magazine which contradicted President Trump. This among his allegiance with his news organization led to his demise. Bannon also is no longer in charge of Breitbart news.

Andrew McCabe a career FBI agent is next on the list as another Trump victim. Fired only two days before his retirement McCabe is accused of directing certain FBI officers to talk to the media about the Hillary Clinton investigation. Others say that the decision was mutual between Attorney General Jeff Sessions who fired him and McCabe, but no one can confirm or deny this.

Next, we have John McEntee who sources say was escorted out of the White House due to security concerns and the inability to provide him with access to the President. Minutes after his departure McEntee was hired back to work on Trump’s re-election campaign. Which makes zero sense to Washington insiders.

And lastly, we have former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson whose departure is shocking to most. The former Exxon Mobile CEO was supposed to be one of the stars of the trump team however they both seemed to never be on the same page. Tillerson has been reported referring to trump as a “moron”. All control has been passed over to the new Secretary of State but technically Tillerson will remain in his role until the end of this week.

Now their you have it these are all the surprise terminations within the justice department and the White House. But they’re a couple more surprises that don’t involve a termination per say but they should be mentioned including former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci who resigned only ten days after taking the job because of foul language, and a communications scandal.

Reince Preibus former Chief of Staff who resigned based on growing speculation that the President wanted to go in a different direction with his administration.

Sean Spicer former Press Secretary resigned shortly after Scarammucci because of controversy and irreconcilable differences. And lastly Former National Security Advisor H.R McMaster agreed to resign given Trump’s wishes to replace him with Fox News Analyst John Bolton.

Well there you have it folks the ever-growing list of the Trump administration rejects and yes, I know that its long but for some reason I have a feeling this list will continue to grow based on the obvious history to how the President governs. Also keep in mind this list does not reflect even close to how many members have resigned from their positions.